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Network Solutions Coupon Codes for June 2017 There is a lot to be said for working with a trusted brand name when you pick out the host for your new website. If longevity and brand recognition is important to you, the choice is easy - head over to Network Solutions. Incredibly, this is a company [...]

6 Signs That You Need to Upgrade to VPS Hosting

Over the past 10 years, the Internet has exploded as a source for business revenue and nonprofit donations. Businesses that operate eCommerce websites must consider web hosts that offer VPS or dedicated web hosting packages. Shared web hosts do not offer the features required to keep online stores running flawlessly. Opening an online store is [...]

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VPS Web Hosting: Is It Worth It?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) web hosting represents a relatively new type of web hosting that since 2010 has increased in popularity. Many web hosting experts consider VPS web hosting to be a combination of shared and dedicated web hosting plans. The hybrid composition of VPS web hosting often causes confusion, especially for novices that have [...]

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Is VPS Hosting More Secure Than Shared Hosting?

According to Symantec, more than 75% of websites have some type of vulnerability to cyber attacks. In 2015, just over one million people experienced a cyber attack each day. One reason stands out for flawed online security: cyberspace criminals take advantage of website administrators that do not adequately secure customer websites. A growing army of [...]

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What’s The Difference Between a Host and a Server?

The difference between a host and a server in the restaurant industry is easy to see by simply watching how a host and a server interact with customers. However, it is not as easy to distinguish the difference between a host and server in the computing world. In fact, many computer novices interchange the definitions [...]

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A Small Orange Coupon Code

A Small Orange Coupon Code   Updated for June 2017 If you ask your technologically-inclined friends to recommend a web host, you will invariably come across 'A Small Orange'. It's a small-business feeling web host that has grown to become one of the most popular and highly rated hosting companies. Lifehacker readers named it one [...]

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