Godaddy Renewal Coupon Codes Updated for March 2017

New Feature: GoDaddy has offer a new service called the GoDaddy Domain Discount Club. Once you join the club they will give you heavily discounted offerings on new and renewing domains. We will still feature all the renewal coupon codes that we can. We will also keep testing out these codes each week to ensure that they are still working and valid.

We also have a 33% off promo code for the Domain Discount Club. You can either scroll down or click on the preceding sentence to view the promo code in question.
Important Note: While many of GoDaddy’s promo codes have stopped working, there are still a few promo codes that will save you quite a bit on domains and hosting, and we have them all listed here. We will keep updating this list of codes as codes expire. Here’s our guess as to why? this is happening now.

Best Godaddy Renewal Coupons Right Now:

  • Save 30% Off All New Products:

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    This coupon code has mixed results. It will save you a lot of money: 30% off, but it only works for some products and not others. Try it out, and if it doesn’t work, try one of the codes below.
  • Save $15 Off Your Order of $75 or More:

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    Instead of saving a percentage off your order, this code will help you save a dollar amount off of your order: spend $75 and save $15.
  • GoDaddy Domain Renewal Coupon: Save $10 when you spend $50 or more

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    Use this coupon code to save $10 off orders of $50 or more, if your bill is exactly $50 then it will be a total savings of 20%. Applicable to all orders for hosting or domains, including renewals.

    This coupon code was tested this week for domain renewals and it was working. Here’s proof.

    We also tested it successfully for hosting renewals. Here’s proof.

  • GoDaddy Hosting Renewal Coupon: Save 20% Off Hosting:

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    While you save the most on hosting plans, this renewal code will work for Domains and other renewing GoDaddy products as well.

    This code is valid and working: save 20% off the renewal price of any hosting plan.

  • Save 33% on Discount Domain Club membership

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    Get your Discount Domain Club membership for $60.29 per year when you use this coupon code. If you have more than a couple of domains registered with GoDaddy then it is worth it to join the club since that is pretty much the only way to get discounts on domain renewals anymore.

    This coupon code was tested recently and it was working. Here’s proof.

  • Get 30% off All New Products:

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    Save 30% off your order with this promo code.
  • Save 50% Off Shared Hosting:

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    This coupon code is a good deal: save 50% off all of GoDaddy’s shared hosting plans. This includes the most budget-friendly type of hosting they have (“Economy Hosting”), as well as Deluxe and Advanced hosting.
  • Register a New .COM Domain for $1.99!

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    If you’re looking for a new domain name, GoDaddy has a great sale going on where you can register a new .COM domain name for just 99 cents!. Now this code only works for new customers. If you’re an existing customer and you’re looking to register a new domain name, we have another coupon code that will work for you.
  • Existing GoDaddy Customers: Register a New .COM for $3:

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    There’s two great elements to this deal: 1. Register a new .COM domain for $3 (this works for existing customers), and 2. Get Private Registration for $1. Private registration is normally $9.99, and a new .COM is usually $17.99, so overall the deal cuts down the price from $28 to $4. That’s some pretty awesome savings!
  • Save 28% Off New Products:

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    Use this promo code to save 28% off new products at GoDaddy.
  • Get 25% Off WordPress Hosting:

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    GoDaddy has recently introduced WordPress hosting, which automatically sets up WordPress on your server. It’s like having valet service at a restaurant. You choose your domain and hosting, and GoDaddy sets it up for you. They just hand you the keys, and you can get started creating your website.
  • Get a .NET Domain Name for $8.99:

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    Use this promo code to register a .NET or a .COM for $8.99. Since there’s much cheaper coupon codes for .COM domains on this list already, the real benefit of this code is that it works for .NET domain names as well.
  • Save 30% Off Reseller Hosting:

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    Thinking of becoming a Reseller of GoDaddy’s hosting? This promo code will save you 30% off the regular price.
  • Get a .ORG Domain for $10.99:

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    Register a new .ORG domain name for $10.99.
  • Register a .CA Domain for $9.99:

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    Jumpstart your Canadian presence with a .CA domain name. Use this promo code to register it for $9.99.


Godaddy Renewal FAQ:

Why doesn’t GoDaddy offer renewal coupons anymore?
Previously GoDaddy had been one of the only companies to offer coupons codes specifically for domain and hosting renewals, but they have recently (as of June 2014) discontinued these in favour of offering memberships for their Discount Domain Club. This decision has been met with a mixed response from GoDaddy customers.

What is the Discount Domain Club and what are membership benefits?
This Discount Domain Club is a new loyalty rewards program from GoDaddy. Customers who pay the yearly fee to join the club get special promotions and reduced prices on domain renewals. This table outlines the savings on some top level domains:

Domain Regular Price Discount Domain Club Price Savings
.com $14.99 $8.29 44%
.co $29.99 $24.99 16%
.info $14.99 $8.99 33%
.net $16.99 $7.99 52%
.org $17.99 $8.99 50%
.us $19.99 $7.29 63%
.ca $12.99 $9.99 23%
.biz $16.99 $8.99 47%

For a full list of domain name discounts please see this page. With the Discount Domain Club membership you also get a one-year membership to GoDaddy Auctions and CashParking. If you already have a GoDaddy Auctions account then you get a one-year renewal for that account, and if you already have a Cash Parking account then you either get a free upgrade to a premium account or you get an additional premium account.

You can use the coupon above to save 33% on your Discount Domain Club membership (sale price of $60.29), you are not able to combine the Discount Domain Club domain renewal prices with any of their general coupon code promotions (‘Save $10 when you spend $50’, for example).

GoDaddy Transfer Coupon Codes:

What some people have been doing is registering new domains with GoDaddy for $1.99, and then using these coupon codes to transfer them to a more budget friendly domain registrar like Namecheap. These coupon codes will help you do that:Godaddy renewal coupon -vps

  • $1.99 .COM Transfer Coupon Code:

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    Transfer your domain using this promo code. It only costs $1.99, plus iCANN fees.
  • Another $1.99 .COM Transfer Coupon:

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    This works exactly the same as the other promo code: $1.99 .COM transfer as well as the necessary iCANN fees.
  • $2.99 .COM Transfers:

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    Another transfer coupon code, only it’s $1 more expensive. This is like a ‘safety promo code’: if they others don’t work for some reason, try this one. Because we like to update our codes regularly, hopefully you never have to try and use this code…

How Long Can I Renew For?
You can renew a domain for up to 9 years. Here is the trick on that one, from the shopping cart page the maximum term you can select is 5 years. However if you renew from the domain manager you can select a 9 year term. This screenshot shows you where.

You can also set up your domains to auto-renew on the day they expire, but that means they will renew at the full price. Renewing yourself means you can save much more money long term.

How do I redeem GoDaddy renewal coupon codes?
After you have selected your products that you would like to renew proceed to the ‘Checkout’ (NOT the ‘Express Checkout’, that will take you through to the final payment page with all of your products at full price). At the bottom of the Checkout page there is a link that says ‘Have a Promo Code?’

godaddy how to redeem coupon codes
Click on that to expand the Promo Code box, enter your code, and then hit the ‘Apply’ button to see your discount removed from your bill’s total.

godaddy how to redeem coupon codes
From there you can proceed to the checkout and finalize your payment. Sometimes GoDaddy will automatically apply discounts for you, it will be obvious as the total on the right hand side of the checkout page will already be reduced. GoDaddy always displays the amount of money that you saved under the final total, so if there is no discount displayed then that means that no discount has been applied yet.

godaddy how to redeem coupon codes

A Little Background on The Company We Know As “GoDaddy”

GoDaddy has a bit of a tumultuous history, with controversial ad campaigns and questionable behavior on the part of former CEO Bob Parsons. Despite all that, GoDaddy became the largest ICANN-accredited registrar in 2005, continues to register the most domains in the business, and offers many more products and services beyond just domain registration. Until 2001 Network Solutions had been the only place you could register a domain. You can purchase Linux and Windows based web hosting at various service levels, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, email services, website builders, and participate in domain auctioning and cash parking.

GoDaddy’s biggest data center is a 270,000 square foot facility located near Phoenix, Arizona and their headquarters are in Scottsdale. Their data centers connect to a fiber optic network with maximum speeds of 20 GB/s.

Around the Web:

GoDaddy User Reviews – Kind of a mixed bag here, some people really love their products and support team and other people have not had as good of an experience. Full disclosure: I’ve used GoDaddy for almost 10 years for both domain registration and hosting and have always been happy with the service, although I’ve never had reason to call their customer support line so I can’t speak to that.

GoDaddy on Facebook – Their Facebook page has articles related to building and managing websites for small to medium sized businesses. They do not allow you to post anything to their Facebook wall but you can send them messages, I’m not sure how frequently they check those messages so if you need quick support you are probably better off contacting them directly through their support page.

Twitter – Join 185,000 others in following Godaddy. You’ll stay up to date on the latest Godaddy promotions and service announcements, and you can also get in touch with their customer service team this way.

Wikipeda: Godaddy – Godaddy’s official entry on Wikipedia. There you can learn about Godaddy’s original name, its controversial founder, as well as Godaddy’s controversies.

Godaddy Bowl – I just learned about this. There’s a college football game played every year called the Godaddy Bowl (it used to be known as the GMAC Bowl). It has almost nothing to do with renewals. I just thought it was neat.

Managing DNS with Godaddy:

You may have your domain registered with GoDaddy but your site hosted elsewhere. This video shows you how to manage the DNS so that your domain points to the correct place.